We’re back!

Apologies for the delay in writing to you all again.  We’ve been away in Europe and now it’s time to get serious about this voyage around NZ.  There is a lot of planning to do and the success of our trip is going to come down to good preparation.  The key areas needing focus are ’the Passage Plan’, ‘the Boat’ and probably most importantly of all from my perspective – ‘the Provisions’!  Can’t be running out of food and wine now can we.

The Passage Plan consists of roughly planning the voyage in terms of where we go and how long each of the legs will take.  And I must let you know that we will not be going to Rotorua on the boat!  The picture I used on my first blog was from a cruise ship company and they obviously drive inland to get there.  But thank you Mr Robothom for asking the question.  🙂

Here’s the ‘real’ map for you Mark:

North Island

Of course, when I agreed to this trip, I had in my mind lovely 3 to 5 hour legs to get to gorgeous bays ready to anchor and have either lunch or dinner, depending on when we decided to leave after breakfast!  Having asked Bennett to take me through the plan and seeing that there aren’t always little wee bays to stop in and that depending on the wind, we may not want to stop in at all.  Hmmm…..,  Having always been quite good at math and knowing the speed our boat goes (7 knots and 8 if we are lucky), I realise that these trips will be overnight, some 60-70 hours long.  We’ve done plenty of night passages, but not continuously over 2-3 days.  This would mean three to four hour shifts each and driving alone in the night.  I’ve never done that before and I know that I won’t sleep on my hours off as I’ll be afraid that Mr B might be falling asleep at the helm!  He of course loves the idea of the overnight passages and thinks I’m over-reacting.  Well… he may be the Skipper, but I am the Safety and Compliance Office and that outranks Skipper when need be!

With all this in mind, we now have a ‘Guest List’ and a ‘Crew List’.  Guests are welcome to join us in different places to have fun and enjoy a holiday.  Crew are the crazy ones who throw their hands in the air and ask if they can do some long, rough, overnight legs with us.  They can’t wait to stay up all night alone with nothing to see and drink no wine – what’s wrong with these people?  Joking aside, I appreciate that so many want to help us out.  There are also 41 Coastguard units around the coast of the country (not including the 11 in the Hauraki Gulf and those inland on lakes) which we are definitely going to make friends with!  So do let us know if you are keen to join us.  You must be flexible in terms of timing if you have a specific destination you would like to see, or flexible in terms of destination if your timing is fixed.

We have also been asked again to be the Committee Boat for the Volvo Round the World Yacht Race.  We did this two years ago and loved the experience.  So although we are pretty free when it comes to the timing for our trip, we’ve decided to make this event the reason to get home by the beginning of March 2018.

We’ve made two further decisions alongside this trip – we have given notice on both our apartment and our berth.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to ‘downsize’ one’s lifestyle and I’m absolutely about to find out – I’ll let you know in 3.5 weeks’ time.

This has seen us snap into action and clear out our storage unit we have had for 2 years!  Having just donated the majority of it to Dove Hospice, I only wish we had done that 2 years ago!  Sigh.

More on the planning soon…